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Dianei 4

Str. Dianei, Nr.4 - music / dance / specialty coffee / wine / fine spirits / craft beer and healthy food

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Our house has a long and complicated history that surely left its scars. With a 19th century foundation and early 1920s remodel that brought it to its present-day form, the house has lived through and seen a lot. Between the wars, it belonged to Mr. Eugene Fenster of whom we’re left with just a 1947 phone number.
After the war, as it was nationalized, the place went on to house several families with loads of stories until 1990 when it became property of the state. it was used as one of the Foreign Intelligence Service’ s headquarters, we can only imagine the tales these walls have to tell.
After 2007 the house went back to Eugene Fenster’s estate and then was sold to a private person.
It is then that we found it and decided for it to adopt us. We feel in love with the mysteries in the walls, with the stories it sometimes whispers late at night to put our hyperactive cat Vivi to sleep and stop wondering the rooftop.
We did our part in healing its wounds and soothing its pains while still rejoicing in its laughter and beauty.

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